Fountain Pens

The Pros and Cons of Writing with a Fountain Pen

Writers who are serious about their craft understand the importance of a good pen. It is their most faithful companion in an often solitary occupation. Fountain pens are rising in popularity once again, but are they truly better than other types of pens? Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of writing with a fountain pen.

Many who embrace writing as a lifestyle prefer fountain pens for a number of reasons. When you write with a fountain pen, your writing instrument and handwriting both look distinct. You show a degree of professionalism and prestige. Writing with a fountain pen is a much smoother experience than using a ballpoint or even a rollerball pen. It can be meditative, almost zen-like. When you increase your enjoyment of writing, you are likely to improve productivity and become a more prolific writer. In addition, fountain pens are refillable and long-lasting. It is a more ecofriendly option than its disposable counterparts. Your fountain pen will be with you for many pages to come.

Like any great relationship, this bond does require some work on your part. Writing with a fountain pen can be awkward until you get used to it. You must hold it at a 45-degree angle, be careful to press lightly so as not to damage the metal tip (called the nib), and learn to write by moving your arm and shoulder rather than your hand. Your fountain pen will also require maintenance. For a continued superior writing experience, you should clean your fountain pen every four to eight weeks. Lastly, you must know that fountain pens can be picky about what kind of paper they like to write on. Your fountain pen may not be satisfied with the everyday paper that rollerballs and ballpoints are just fine with.

Some writers may not see the value in writing with a fountain pen, particularly in this digital age. However, an increasing number of serious writers agree that their work is worth the extra time and cost associated with a higher quality writing instrument. They are rediscovering the art of writing and reconnecting with themselves by making a bond with a fountain pen.